Adult Protective Services

What is Adult Protective Services?

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 5101.60 directs the responsibility for the implementation of Adult Protective Services to the County Department of Job and Family Services. Adult Protective Services are intended to assist adults who are in danger of harm, unable to protect themselves, and have no one else to assist them.

What are the goals of Adult Protective Services?

The goals are:

to prevent, reduce, or remedy conditions causing endangerment to adults through provision of services appropriate to the needs of the adult;

to maximize the adult’s independence and self-direction; and

to prevent unnecessary institutionalization and to enable the adult to remain in his/her own home as long as possible by selection of the least restrictive alternative. The least restrictive alternative means the change resulting in the least loss of self-determination that will meet the specified needs.

Adult Protective Services law contains a due process provision, which protects a citizen’s right to refuse state intervention into their lives. In other words, if a citizen is competent (as determined by a medical doctor) and chooses to live in a situation that our own department feels is harmful, we may not intervene in the life of this self-determined individual.

What does the Adult Protective Services worker do?

The Adult Protective Services case manager investigates reports of self-neglect, neglect by others, physical, emotional. or sexual abuse, and exploitation. Both the adult subject and the perpetrator are viewed as “victims” who are in need of services.

What is the age requirement for adults to receive Adult Protective Services?

For the purposes of this program, “adult” is defined as any person sixty years or older who is handicapped by the infirmities of aging, has a physical or mental impairment which prevents him/her from providing for his/her own care or protection, and resides in an independent living arrangement.

What is included in Protective Services?

Protective Services may include, but are not limited to case work services such as: arrangement for medical care and treatment, mental health services, legal services, fiscal management, home health care, homemaker services, housing related services, and placement services as well as the provision of such commodities as food, clothing and shelter.

When do I contact Adult Protective Services?

An individual may contact Adult Protective Services when an adult is known or suspected to be suffering from neglect, abuse or exploitation to an extent that either life is endangered or physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness, results or is likely to result.

Who are mandated reporters?

Mandated reporters are required by law to contact the Adult Protective Services unit within the Guernsey County Dept of Job and Family Services. Mandated reporters are: social, medical, and mental health professionals, attorneys, peace officers, senior service providers, coroners, clergymen and professional counselors.

If I am not a mandated reporter, should I contact the Adult Protective Services unit?

Yes! Any concerned citizen should report suspected neglect, abuse and/or exploitation.

How do I contact the Adult Protective Services unit in Guernsey County?

Adult Protective Services