Child Support

New Child Support Web Portal

You can now access current information about YOUR child support case.

You can now have the option, and ability, to view and obtain payment information and other case specific information.

It’s easier and more convenient than ever before!!! Simply click the link below..

Case Closure

Only after every reasonable effort has been made to establish or enforce an order.

Collection & Disbursment

All payments are now sent to a centralized Post Office Box.

Enforcement of a Order

Is responsible for enforcing both child and medical support orders.

Establishment of a Order

Assist in securing an order for support and health care for children.


The CSEA has many sources to locate a non-residential parent to secure or enforce an order.


Paternity establishment is the legal determination of being named as a child father.

Review and Modification

Either parent of guardian can ask for a change in an order.

Services CSEA Can Not Provide

There are services the CSEA can not provide.


Reasons why an order can be terminated.

CSEA Links

Other avenues to assist in the pursuit child support and medical orders.